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The firm consists of a group of architects, lighting designers and engineers, which major activities have been centered on carrying out planning, architectural, lighting and engineering design, for large scale public and private projects.

Selected projects represent our attitude and approach. Whether designing an architectural project, or a lighting job; a house, an office building, a showroom, or a large housing Complex, our design methodology is multivalent: Responding, to the surrounding's, the client's and the user's needs...

Why lighting design?

The use of daylight in architecture is an ancient and proven instrument but the potential for electric illumination has only been genuinely explored since the middle of the 20th century.

Architectural lighting design was derived from the theater and continues to be a delicate balance between art and science. However, it has grown into its own refined discipline suited to the illumination of architecture. It plays an important role in the perception of an environment and can significantly affect how a space is experienced.

With careful consideration of the artistic intent, an understanding of how light interacts with forms and materials and an in-depth knowledge of the essential tools - the architectural integrity will be realized functionally and aesthetically.

Our lighting Philosophy


Architectural lighting is composed of a multitude of design elements combined to create a concept which is then implemented through the use of precise luminaires. Both elements require historical knowledge and a commitment to remain current in their evolution. We strive to stay abreast of the most recent applications and technologies but incorporate these factors judiciously - when deemed appropriate based on performance, energy-efficiency, cost, etc. Our goal is to introduce our client to design possibilities that are unique and suited to their project.


Lighting is a language. We translate our client's vision into the environment through communication and experience. The lighting is planned to highlight and accent the architectural planes and features to impart a sense of comfort as if born from the architecture itself. If applied with great care, this mysterious medium can produce a space that is vibrant, yet soothing with great spatial depth generated simply from its innate qualities. Through our close interaction with the design team, the final product reflects a balanced structure.

Our services

Since light is much more than merely installing lighting appliances in a finished building and hence, is an essential element of architecture, our specialized department approaches light and lighting problems from the architect's point of view, as a three-dimensional element, an integral part of the building specifications.

We could provide you with complete lighting solutions starting from design stages and lux calculations to layouts, presentation and finally to technical support and installation.
In other words, our design department may either propose a design or add to your own ideas and thoughts. We are also able to present a complete submittal, including product technical data, AutoCAD drawings and simulations whenever necessary. To this matter we provide a wide range of architectural lighting that offers harmony by creating light emotions.