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Best SMS Lebanon

BEST SMS BULK is one of the best bulk SMS providers and SMS gateways in Lebanon. Marketing SMS, Transactional SMS, OTP SMS, Import/export Lists, Schedule SMS, Fast delivery, Direct routes with Service Providers, HTTP APIs, SMPP connections and fully customizable platform.

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SMS Marketing Solutions in Lebanon

Especially in Lebanon, SMS messages have a high open rate and they are saved in the end users mobile for future reference. Messages can reach any mobile even basic ones. This is why our SMS service is used by NGOs as the basic mean of communications. SMS can be used for: news, promotions, alerts, one-time pin (OTP), communications, etc. Our SMS gateway is the fastest in the market.

SMS Lebanon

BEST SMS BULK platform has the following unique SMS features for Lebanon: SMS delivery report, API access, short link and landing pages creator, advanced dashboard, targeted database, personalized SMS, 24/24 support and most importantly competitive prices.

AI SMS Platform

One of the most important feature that differentiates Best SMS Bulk platform from the others is that it is custom made and is always up to date to include the latest technologies in the market. Our system is self-learning and we are aiming to introduce the Artificial Intelligence feature to it.


Leading SMS Service Provider

We started providing SMS services in the Lebanese territories in 2009. Our experience in the Lebanese markets made us the leading SMS service providers.

White-Label Program

We build your SMS server in a white label where you can use your own branding and logo, direct your clients to your site and sell them SMS in Lebanon under your company name without mentioning BEST SMS BULK as your service provider for bulk SMS in Lebanon.

Specific SMS Requirements in Lebanon

Every Country has specific requirements and Best SMS Bulk is always up to date with the Lebanese Operators requirements

Dialing Code

Those are the first 3 digits you need to put before any mobile number in order to be able to reach a mobile number in Lebanon.

Two-way SMS supported

No. SMS can be only sent from your side to the customers' phone. For any requirement for two-way SMS please contact us.

Sending SMS to landline numbers

You cannot send SMS to a landline destination number. SMS can be only sent to mobile numbers throughout Lebanon.

Compliance considerations

Get opt-in consent from each end user before sending any communication to them, particular for marketing or other non-essential communications.
Only communicate during an end user's daytime hours unless it is urgent.
SMS campaigns should support HELP/STOP messages, and similar messages, in the end user's local language.
Do not contact end users on do-not-call or do-not-disturb registries.

Call 961 3 645875

Lebanon Telecom Market

Lebanon's telecoms market holds a unique position in the Middle East given the level of government involvement. While most incumbents in the region are government owned, within Lebanon, government ownership also extends to the country's two mobile operators.

Lebanon Mobile Operators

The government-owned mobile networks are operated by private companies in return for a management fee, with all revenue going to the government. The two networks are currently operated by Zain of Kuwait (Touch) and Orascom of Egypt (Alfa).

Deployed Technologies

Both operators have launched 4G LTE services, underpinning a drive into mobile broadband and presenting a strong alternative to existing fixed offerings. The operators are also preparing for 5G and in 2018 the first successful 5G trial was conducted in Lebanon.